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Verseo Detox Foot Patch

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A Close Look at Verseo Detox Foot Patch

The health care industry is no doubt a lucrative but very competitive business. The competition is even keener in the niche market for body cleansing agents like the Verseo detox foot patch devices. Each competitor in this market segment tries to woo consumers with the distinct benefits that they offer. Product differentiation is a crucial element for a product to gain continuing public patronage. The challenge for a player in the market for body detox products then would be to set its product apart from the rest of the field. Highlighting some unique selling proposition would be a distinct advantage, as essentially all these feet-based body cleansing agents are based on the ancient healing principles of acupuncture, reflexology, and acupressure. All these techniques are basic elements in the foot detox pads in the market.

For its promotional pitch, the manufacturer of Verseo detox foot patch foists to consumers that it is the original all-natural pad for body cleansing in the market. This claim notwithstanding, consumers should be aware that it is in Japan where the foot patches originated. Even the marketing messages of Verseo acknowledge that it took 24 years for Japanese scientists to develop the feet-based detox technology. The foot pad benefits claimed by the Verseo patch maker are likewise essentially similar to those made by other manufacturers. Using these pads purportedly soothe aches and pains, provide increased energy, and reduction of stress. Other beneficial results from the foot pad include an improved blood circulation and enhanced mental concentration and focus.

There is not much of a difference in the application of the Verseo detox foot patch adhesives. These are also attached to the feet like any other foot pad claiming to have body cleansing effects. The foot patches are left attached to the feet overnight during which the natural ingredients that devices contain draw out the accumulated body toxins. An overnight use is supposed to already jump start a revitalization of the body system suffering from the accumulation of toxins like heavy metals. A complete treatment for these patches involves a one-month nightly application, but the consumers are left with a choice on the quantity of pads to be purchased. Free shipping of the products is also offered for those who want to have at least a monthly supply of the product.

On a closer look, the Verseo detox foot patch formulation does not vary from other body cleansing pads available in the market. Among these contents is tourmaline, an ingredient which is said to emit far infrared rays, generating the negative ions which attract the positive ions of toxins. The same principle is at work in the foot spas which are also positioned as body cleansing devices. Wood vinegar is another active ingredient that the Verseo patch contains and which can likewise be found in other body detox foot pads. The same component is also contained in Suresafe Detox Foot Patches, a competing product which can provide a head-to-head comparison with the Verseo patches. For more comparative notes, click the link that follows after this article.

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