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Total Body Detox

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Total Body Detox Via the Feet

Those who have the cash to spare can spend a bundle to have a weekend holiday of rejuvenating session in a classy spa for a total body detox. Spa towns and spa resorts are usually the haunts of the rich and famous for the various health treatments available at these luxurious enclaves. The curative powers purveyed in these posh establishments often center on the mineral water of hot springs, a concept that is popular even during the early civilizations of the East and West. In ancient Japan, China, and Europe, the water treatment provided by spas has been the template for similar personal care practices around the world. Over the years, spas become more and more specialized leading to some categorization of these health-oriented concerns.

While it is true that many spas offer total body detox, there are also those devoted to specific professional services. For example, there are club spas that cater to the needs of those seeking physical fitness. There are also spas focusing on Ayurvedic medicine wherein all the products and treatments offered are the natural approaches that have increasingly gained acceptance as methods to renew body, mind, and spirit. Some luxury shipping lines likewise offer cruises packaged around spa services wherein wellness and fitness are provided as primary choices of available services. Many travel and tour agencies have also developed tourist packages for vacation destination with rejuvenating spa facilities as the main attraction in order to cultivate a healthier lifestyle. A medical spa is another purposive facility for those who wish to seek some cures through alternative approaches in medicine.

Total body detox, nonetheless, can also be availed of nowadays without spending a fortune on the services of some luxurious spas. Through detoxification practices widely accepted in Japan and China, it is now possible to benefit from health remedies that can be found in various spa services and facilities. One of these therapeutic approaches is foot reflexology wherein the body is reenergized through some physical intervention in our feet. Japanese and Chinese practitioners of reflexology believe that there are many potent areas in our feet which when addressed properly could provide a complete body cleansing. At its simplest, merely soaking our feet in the mineral waters of a spring is purportedly enough to bring about some rejuvenation to our bodies. Simple at it may seem, many spa habitués swear to the efficacy of such a treatment, especially if combined with other therapeutic approaches.

This feet-based therapy for total body detox has been made more affordable through the foot detox patches available in the market today. These products are plasters which are attached to the feet before a night`s sleep for them to work overnight in detoxifying the body. These patches are ideally applied on the feet wherein there is an abundance of skin pores where the toxins can be drawn out. Nonetheless, there are detox pads which have been developed for attachment to other parts of the body such as the ankle, knee, wrist, groin, and shoulder. Click on the link after this article to find out more about foot detox patches.

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