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Mudoku Detox Foot Pads

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Muduko Detox Foot Pads, Any one?

Body cleansing has a huge following in Japan and other Asian countries as indicated by the growing market presence of products like Mudoku detox foot pads. Ashiyu, another Japanese body cleansing agent, is likewise contributing to the surge in interest I detoxification to bring about health and wellness through nontraditional methods. There are similarities between this detox method and body-cleansing foot pads. Supposedly, these two approaches promote detoxification of our body through the three ancient healing principles, namely acupressure, acupuncture, and reflexology. The ashiyu technique differentiates itself from the foot pad approach in several ways.

First, ashiyu involves soaking the feet in a solution of warm water and essential oils, in effect replicating the re-invigorating benefits from bathing in the mineral waters of hot springs. Health spas, another body detox approach, operates in a similar manner. The mineral waters of hot springs are the supposed properties which promote the healing and body cleansing benefits.

Commonly called as foot spa devices, ashiyu is however different from the body cleansing technique like the Mudoku detox foot pads in that the treatment itself lasts for only about 30 minutes. For better results, a longer period of soaking is recommended. Upon completion of one therapeutic treatment, at once noticeable is the change in the coloration of the mixture of essential oils and water. Specific colors of the mixture after the therapy supposedly indicate where the toxins were drawn: black would be from the gall bladder, colon, or liver; yellow for the kidneys, orange or brown for the joints.

When using Mudoku detox foot pads, some discoloration of the patches are also expected. The discolored pads, it is said, is the result of the toxins coming out through the soles of feet where the body cleansing patches are attached prior to sleeping. After the pads are left overnight, toxins purported make way to the patches through the soles of the feet which have been shown to host 2000 pores, the most number compared with any part of our body. At these pores are the meridian points which are also crucial to the healing principles purveyed in acupressure, acupuncture, and reflexology. This further indicates the linkage of foot spas and detox pads with these three practices in alternative medicine.

In foot spas, the purported potency of mineral water and essential oils is responsible for the detoxification. Body cleansing patches, such as Mudoku detox foot pads, oh the other hand, relies on a cocktail of ingredients. Among these are vinegar from wood and bamboo, some vitamins, and tourmaline. These components are supposed to generate body cleansing action through the soles of our feet. After an overnight use, traces of toxins can supposedly be found on the foot pads, a manifestation akin to the discoloration in the water-essential-oil mixture of foot spas. The ingredients found in foot patches are natural substances performing a specific task in the body cleansing technique. Go to the website of Suresafe Detox Foot Patches through the link below this page, to be more precise on the properties in each ingredient of this body cleansing alternative.

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