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Japanese Detox Foot Pads

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Japanese Detox Foot Pads Secret Revealed

You may be wondering why Japanese detox foot pads come as top-of-mind response to questions on body cleansing. The reason for this is quite simple. Detoxification using foot patches has been already in practice in Japan for many years. These body cleansing devices have become so popular among Japanese consumers that their use has spread to other Asian countries. By one estimate, some 20 million detox foot patches are sold all over Asia monthly. Counting other users from the rest of the globe, this figure will for sure be much higher now as body cleansing as a health lifestyle is steadily gaining adherents in other parts of the world. It seems that there`s no stopping this Japanese health trend as many consumers are convinced that there are indeed wonderful benefits that could be derived from regularly using some body cleansing therapies.

If their manufacturers are to be believed, Japanese detox foot pads came into the market as a result of many years of medical research. These studies essentially centered on how to apply the healing principles of acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology to body cleansing in a convenient, safe, and efficient manner. The three healing disciplines cited, of course, are Oriental practices that have been used for hundreds of years. The acknowledged experts of these ancient healing arts are the Chinese acupuncture specialists who have found so many cures by inserting needles in strategic parts of the body called meridian points. These same points are the focus of the body detoxification using foot pads or patches.

Japanese detox foot pads are not the only body cleansing devices made in Japan which utilizes the abovementioned meridian points. Also popular in Japan as well in other parts of Asia are the foot spas called ashiyu. As their name suggests, the spas are used to immerse the feet in a mixed solution of warm water and some essential oils. The action of this mixture on the soles of the feet which are believed to contain some 2000 pores, provide the potent energy which draws out the toxins from the body. This procedure is just like taking a bath in a hot spring in order to derive some rejuvenating benefits. In some way, the popularity of health spa resorts lent some luster to the foot spas for body detoxification.

Japanese detox foot pads are claimed to contain their own ingredients which enable the utilization of meridian points in body cleansing. Among these vital ingredients are wood and bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, and a cocktail of vitamins. Instead of immersing the feet into a supposedly detoxifying liquid mixture, the pads are attached to the soles of the feet. Adhesives incorporated into the pads make it a convenient household solution to body cleansing. There is no need for mixing essential ingredients into warm water as is the protocol done in foot spa body cleansing therapies. The pads are just left attached to the feet while sleeping for their supposed detoxification benefits to be achieved. This same procedure applies for other foot patches which boasts of ingredients akin to those used in Japanese detox foot pads. A more detailed explanation on the mechanics of action of a foot detox approach can be accessed through the link below this page.

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