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Full Body Detox

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A Deeper Look at Full Body Detox

A Spartan discipline, that`s what we`ll need if our body is to be spared of the toxins that are supposedly ingested in our body from food intake and exposure to various pollutants. Going by this logic, a full body detox would be the prescription for most people. For in our modern day lifestyle, there seems to be really no practical way by which to avoid being exposed to the toxins which supposedly accumulate within our system. Daily, processed foods are part of our diet. Even fruits and vegetables are cultivated using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, all of which are potential sources of toxins that can do harm in our body if left unchecked. Likewise, air pollution has reached levels so dangerous that even the world`s climate is said to be being affected irreversibly.

There are some arguments though that a full body detox is not necessary for the maintenance of a healthy constitution. Medical literature tells us that a healthy body can very well cope with the ordinary toxic substances that are found in found and in the elements that we encounter from day to day. At the hub of our body`s self-cleansing mechanisms are the skin, liver, kidney, and lymphatic glands that have specific functions to extract waste matter from our body. Some health disorders, however, can interfere with these functions for which some interventions are certain to be prescribed. At the same time, pressure is oftentimes exerted on our body`s built-in waste disposal system by such unhealthy lifestyle as excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and smoking. Lack of sleep can likewise significantly impair the ability of our body to rid itself of toxic substances.

Hence, full body detox has been a practice exercised throughout the ages. Starting from the times of ancient Greece and Egypt, there have been many modalities by which toxins from the body are dealt with. Today, these approaches are manifested in cleansing diets and physical approaches like enemas and colon detoxification methods. These detox alternatives may involve taking herbal tea and other diet supplements. There are also special diets which call for limiting food intake to unprocessed fruits and vegetables, drinking herbal tea and other natural concoctions. Some diets dictate consuming foods that are low carbohydrates and fats that are said to contribute much not only to weight gain but also to body accumulation of some toxins or harmful chemical elements.

A full body detox is also promised in spa programs that too have some ancient beginnings. What sets apart the spas of today from their progenitors like Roman baths is that the detox approach can be very specialized. For instance, there are foot spat detox methods and similar cleansing modes focused on the soles of our feet. Such detoxification techniques are popular in Japan where they were first practiced by immersing the feet in a hot spring. Eventually, foot spas were developed to approximate the effects of this foot-soaking detox technique. Additionally, detox foot pads were devised to promote the body cleansing process supposedly achieved in bathing at a hot spring. The link below should be of help in digging deeper into these foot-based detox approaches.

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