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Foot Pads

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Foot Pads and their Benefits

There is no escaping it. Each and every one of us will suffer some inexplicable pains or aches at one time or another. This situation is but a part of daily living, an occurrence that many are convinced can be solved through some body cleansing agents like such simple devices as foot pads. That there are people who will turn to such gadgets is perfectly understandable. The stresses of modern day to day living are sometimes very difficult to cope with. Finding solutions to some simple health problems can be a great bother, for instance, to those who have tight schedules to meet. Whatever cure or remedy to a nagging health issue may be inconvenient. Sometimes, even a medical consultation with a doctor doesn`t help. Then, there comes a point when one would opt to join the bandwagon and go with the flow on alternative healing methods.

Foot pads have lately come into the consciousness of the consuming public due to the prevalence of literature extolling the virtues of alternative medicine. Increasingly, such unorthodox medical techniques as acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology, have been permeating into the practice modern medicine. Given such a development, people have become more often to some curative approaches erstwhile acceptable only in some Eastern cultures like those in China and Japan. In these countries, there are folk medical beliefs of the feet being a potent portal in body cleansing and healing. In Chinese acupuncture, for example, there are pressure points in the foot which is associated with the cleansing function of our liver. Some pressure or intervention applied on these points, it is believed, will have beneficial effects on the liver function.

This same principle is supposedly at work in the feet-based body detoxification called ashiyu by Japanese folk medicine practitioners. The foot pads available in the market are essentially based on the mechanics of action of ashiyu. In this body cleansing procedure, the feet are soaked in a hot spring to draw out the toxins from the body. Positively charged ions are supposedly developed through the hot spring`s electrical impulses that act on the negatively charged toxins, causing the latter to be flushed out of the system. To mimic this hot spring action in home conditions, foot spas have been developed wherein salt and water bath is used as an energizing solution that bring about the positively charged ions. This procedure is undertaken for some 30 minutes in order to achieve the desired detoxification effects.

The foot pads, on the other hand, supposedly detoxify the body through a combination of natural botanicals contained in the patches which are attached to the soles of the feet. These pads are worn during sleep and removed in the morning. This process is repeated for about three weeks in order to bring about the claimed benefits of body cleansing. Among these beneficial results that foot pad manufacturers claim are a revitalized body and elimination of ordinary aches, pains, stress and fatigue. Certainly, these benefits are worth looking at given the simplicity by which they were supposedly achieved. For more details on what makes foot pads effective, click on the link of Suresafe Foot Detox patches below this page.

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