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Foot Detoxification

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Foot Detoxification While You Sleep

Inarguably, sleep is a body function which is crucial to our health and wellness. We need the right amount of sleep so that our body can be rejuvenated, get the proper rest, and repair broken down tissues as a result of the wear and tear of daily living. The importance of maintaining regular sleep and bed rest has resulted in many therapies and cures for sleeping disorders. Devices have been developed, for example, for chronic snoring which can adversely affect not only those who are afflicted with it but also those of their bed or room partners Of late, health solutions that capitalizes on the benefits of sleep have also been emerged, foremost of which are the many foot detoxification patches that are now widely sold in the market.

Foot detoxification while asleep widely practiced in Asian countries, particularly in Japan where the first feet-based body-cleansing were invented. The mechanics by which these foot pads supposedly work are based on reflexology, an ancient healing method employed in the traditional practice of Chinese and Japanese medicine. Known for the natural healing process it brings, reflexology utilizes various points of the hands and feet to bring relief to aches and pains as well as to reenergize the body of patients. Two other forms of natural therapy, acupuncture and acupressure, utilize the same body zone to foster some cures on certain health disorders. In recent years, the theories and principles involved in reflexology, acupuncture, and acupressure have been gaining converts among practitioners of mainstream Western medicine.

Certainly, foot detoxification is but one of the many approaches that are said to be effective in discarding harmful substances from our body. Competing for public attention as body cleansing agents are remedies like dieting, fasting, sauna and spa treatments, regular physical exercises, and colon cleansing. Each of these approaches has certain advantages and disadvantages but all are essentially based on the premise that some forms of therapies or devices are needed to regularly detoxify the body. In essence, what this concept tells us is that our natural body cleansing mechanism just isn`t enough to cope with the many toxins and chemicals to which we are exposed to day in day out. There has got to be some form of outside intervention in order to preserve or recoup overall wellness and health jeopardized by the accumulated toxins in our body.

Many people though have been convinced that it is foot detoxification which is the best solution to the toxin accumulation that can plague our daily living. For one thing, self-adhesive foot pads are now widely marketed as body cleansing solutions. These patches are very convenient alternatives to other body detox methods. They are designed for use while sleeping and can show results only after several weeks of therapy. These pads are also safe and effective approaches to body cleansing with the sound principles of reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture to which the foot detox method is based.
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