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Foot Detox

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Foot Detox Principles, How They Work

A lot of skepticism surrounds body cleansing or detoxification. There are those who believe that such body cleansing methods or approaches such as foot detox is only a waste of time, money and effort. These skeptics are composed mostly of practitioners of traditional Western medicine. Their belief is that any detox method is totally unnecessary. Our body, with its own cleansing mechanisms, can very well take care of itself, most savants are wont to say. Indeed, several organs of our body, such as the colon, liver, skin, lymphatic glands, and kidney, are with functions of a waste disposal system. If we have these organs and they are functioning properly, why indeed undergo body detox or body cleansing? But despite such doubts, many are still sold on the logic behind body cleanse procedures and techniques.

Foot detox in particular has gained many adherents because of several widely accepted practices involving therapies promoting health and well being. These tried and tested therapeutic remedies include acupressure and reflexology that were already in use for hundreds of years. Practitioners of traditional Eastern medicine employ this technique by applying pressure to one body part as a therapy against pain and as an anesthetic for certain parts of the body. It is a known fact that acupressure and reflexology have brought pain relief to millions of patients around the world, with these two therapies often centering on their feet. Certain points on the foot are massaged in order to bring such supposed benefits as heightened energy levels, comfort, and relaxation. Other positive results that these techniques purportedly bring include increased blood circulation and stress reduction.

The expected benefits from foot detox, on the other hand, center on the prevention of toxins accumulating inside our bodies. This process of toxic elements entering our body is called autointoxication, a concept that was purveyed in the traditional medicine of ancient Greece and Egypt. Under this theory, toxins enter our body through the food we eat and through some outside elements that we are exposed to daily. The toxins can accumulate in our body to such high levels that our body-cleansing organs like the liver and kidney could not cope with efficiently. The end-results then could come in the form of sleeping difficulties, pains, aches, and poor functioning of the circulatory system. Detoxification have therefore been devised by traditional medicine in order to remove the toxic substances causing this body malfunctions.

Foot detox differs markedly from acupressure and reflexology in terms of application or modality. This type of body cleansing can take the form of an ionic detox machine providing the negative ions that supposedly cleanses the body of toxic elements. The feet are immersed into water contained in this apparatus in order to achieve the claimed results. In particular, this detox approach is expected to have its effect not only through the principle of reflexology but also through the science of osmosis and ionization. Read more about the wisdom behind this body cleansing principles through the link of Suresafe Foot Detox Pads below.

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