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Feet Detox

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Feet Detox Alternatives to Consider

By the looks of it, there`s no way that we can do without body cleansing and resort to such techniques as feet detox. Everyday, we encounter many harmful chemicals and other toxic substances from the food in our diet, in the places we work in, and even in the homes where we stay. This bombardment of toxins puts considerable stress in our bodies. Even the mechanisms which nature has equipped us with are bound to fail if there are no complementary detoxification approaches adopted. Our skin, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic glands can only take so much abuse. Sooner or later, these organs are can suffer some disorders if toxic substances are allowed to accumulate within our system at dangerously high levels. A solution is definitely to support the functions of our waste disposal system crucial at maintaining our health and well-being.

When it comes to feet detox approaches, two modalities can be considered. One of this is the foot spa, a therapeutic remedy that has already drawn hundreds of thousands of adherents in both Western and Eastern markets. The foot spas first gained consumer acceptance in Japan where there are ashiyu bath houses specializing in body cleansing through the feet. Through the ashiyu, body toxins are drawn out of the body via positively charged ions emanating from a solution of salt and water. This combination supposedly approximates the effect of bathing in mineral hot springs which for centuries have been considered as centers of healing for common aches and pains. The foot spa, therefore, brings to the home a convenient alternative to bathing in hot springs as an approach in body detoxification.

Another feet detox alternative to consider is the use of foot pads or patches. The basic principles of reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture are the moving force behind these foot patches. What it harnesses are the various pressure points that can be abundantly found on the soles of our feet as espoused by the said three natural healing principles. The physical intervention involved in this body cleansing alternative is so much less invasive than other detox techniques like colon cleansing. The foot pads are just attached to the soles of the feet and the devices can already work overnight in drawing the harmful substances which can jeopardize our health and wellness if left unchecked.

The visible results that can be achieved from adopting feet detox pads are almost immediate. Traces of toxins can be found as discolorations on the pad the morning after these patches are used. Progress in the therapy is indicated when the discoloring becomes lighter and lighter during the body cleansing process. Expected beneficial results for the long run include an improvement in the circulatory system, better sleep, vitality, and higher resistance to diseases and illnesses. All these benefits can be achieved not only conveniently but also safely. The foot patches contain only natural ingredients that are so potent yet produce no serious side effects. For a sampling of all the ingredients that go with these foot pads, follow the link after this article.

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