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Detox Through Feet

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Body Detox Through Feet as Healing Points

You need not look too far for a convenient way to rid yourself of the harmful substances that supposedly accumulate inside our body as a result of food intake and exposure to pollutants in the air. Procedures involving body detox through feet as waste outlets are now widely accepted as safe, convenient, and effective health solutions. This rise in popularity first swept several Asian countries, such as China and Japan. In these areas, hundreds of years of practice in the science of reflexology, acupressure, and reflexology, resulted in body detoxification remedies centering on the feet. Further developments have been made on these techniques in the last 25 years by numerous scientists. As a result of these recent advances, a renaissance in healing through alternative medicine spread rapidly from East to West.

There are now many devices available that are said to bring body detox through feet as cure conduits. Among them are the foot spas which likewise draw their potency from some ancient Asian healing principles. In Japan, one of the traditional methods of body detoxification is soaking the entire body in the mineral waters of hot springs. Similar procedures can also be found in alternative medicine as practiced in India and China. The foot spas of today basically approximate the effects of soaking in the mineral hot springs. Essential oils are added to warm water in the foot spas, supposedly bringing the detoxifying effects of bathing in hot springs. In effect, the foot spas can bring into the households the health benefits that can e derived from a visit to present-day spas which likewise operate on the basic principles of hot-spring treatment.

Detox through feet as healing points is also administered through foot body cleansing patches. These pads are self-adhesive and can be conveniently attached to the soles of the feet. They are applied before sleeping and are worn overnight during which the patches are supposed to take their effect. The benefits that can be derived from wearing these patches are the same as those that are said to be offered by the foot spas. The body`s blood circulation will improve, better quality sleep is induced, and overall health and well-being is achieved.

Patches that detox through feet healing points rely primarily on the acupressure points for them to take effect. Based on reflexology principles, there are at least a dozen meridian points on our feet linked to some vital organs of our bodies. These points then become the critical areas which allow the foot patches to draw out the toxin from our bodies. Some natural components in the foot pads enable the process of detoxification to proceed. Among these ingredients are wood and bamboo vinegar, some vitamins, and tourmaline. These are potent solutions that are also used in traditional medicine for safe and effective results. The manufacturers of these foot pads pride in their claim that such solutions provide a perfect match for the acupressure principles involved in detoxifying the body through the soles of the feet. The link below this page will provide further insight on such a claim.

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