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Detox Patches

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How Detox Patches Work

Detox patches are pads attached to the soles of the feet overnight to produce, what their manufacturers claim, is a detoxifying effect in our body. This product is founded on the precept that we accumulate toxins every day from the food we eat and from the elements from which our bodies are exposed to daily. This whole concept of detoxifying the body through the feet is founded on the Japanese foot spa called ashiyu. With the foot patches, the effect would just be like taking a dip in a hot spring. Only this time, the feet are the only ones immersed in a solution composed of salt and water. Adherents of this body cleansing method swear to the benefits that could be derived from attaching the foot pads while sleeping. They say that such devices bring about the elimination of stress, aches, pains, and fatigue.

This belief on the efficacy of detox patches has spread in other places in Asia. Significant following in this body detox method has also been observed in many Western countries, although there are still some lingering doubts on whether the foot pads are really effective. Most of the criticisms hurled against this type of body cleansing center on the paucity of scientific findings which confirm the benefits that are allegedly derived by sleeping with these patches attached to the soles of the feet. However, certain credence has been extended to these cleansing modalities as alternative medicine continues to gain headway among consumers in the West. In fact, there are already some scientific researches which have confirmed that some remedies prescribed in traditional medicine have valid foundations.

In a manner of speaking, detox patches are going the way of natural methods in improving health and wealth being, such as weight loss through natural products and procedures which are very popular nowadays. Many are inclined to try the foot detox pads as an option to other cleansing methods that are more invasive in their approach. Certainly, sleeping with foot pads would be more appealing than having the regular enemas that are often prescribed to those who want to have themselves detoxified. The pads surely are better because their use is more convenient than taking some colon cleansing procedures whose efficacy is seriously in question by the medical community. The foot pads are also the logical choice because their mechanics of action is similar to our body sweating, which by itself is also a cleansing mechanism.

Detox patches have therefore joined the mainstream of body cleansing approaches in recent years. These are devices that are likely to continue to draw the attention of consumers with the convenience that detox method offers. The natural ingredients that they contain form another attractive feature which underscores the safety and convenience in using foot pads as body cleansers. For sure, many would still want to see some convincing proof of their efficacy. To some doubters, the traces of residues left in the pads after an overnight use is good enough as evidence that the patches really work. Following the link below should tell if these pads really deliver the detox benefits many are searching for.

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