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Detox Pads For The Feet

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Detox Pads for the Feet and their Mechanics of Action

We all know of course that we have our feet for locomotion purposes. Lesser known is the fact that many think that our feet can be centers for body cleansing, a domain addressed by various detox pads for the feet now available in the market. These foot pads are particularly popular in Asia where it is said that about 20 million of these products are sold per month. Health and fitness buffs in other parts of the world have also taken notice of these products which harness the Asian healing principles of reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture. These three have been hailed for thousands of years as effective healing alternatives particularly in the Orient where there are many experts practicing foot-based therapies. The evidence of the efficacy of these wellness approaches is primarily anecdotal, and hence, mainstream medicine which is founded on scientific confirmation, generally pooh-poohs body cleansing and their related approaches.

While detox pads for the feet lack pure scientific evidence as to their efficacy, these body cleansing agents continue to generate considerable following. Significant credence has already been achieved by the healing principles upon which these body cleansing agents are founded. People can easily be swayed into using detox footpads as there are indeed benefits that could be had in treatments involving acupressure, reflexology, and acupuncture. These are ancient healing techniques which are increasingly being accepted both by medical practitioners and experts from Western and Eastern countries. Among their many disciples are those that practice alternative medicine who also are likely to be advocates of body cleansing.

The use of detox pads for the feet also continues to increase because of the increased belief in the efficacy of natural ingredients extracted from plants and herbs. By and large, detox footpads utilize natural ingredients in order to induce body cleansing. The value of these natural ingredients in therapeutic approaches can no longer be discounted. Modern science has already recognized that many cures can be derived from plants and herbs. As a matter of fact, herbal medicine is a thriving practice that has been a potent tool used even by some Western medical experts. Also noteworthy is that many large pharmaceutical firms have been manufacturing many drugs based on natural ingredients. Corollary to this, many health and food supplements have been successfully developed using plants and herbs.

The detox pads for the feet found in the market today are also said to be the result of meticulous research and development. These ingredients supposedly stimulate cleansing action thorough the feet through their natural properties. Certain areas of the feet, as mentioned earlier, are the healing points upon which these natural solutions can generate detoxification. The interaction of the footpad components with these healing points occur through an overnight treatment. The footpads are attached to the soles of the feet so that the natural ingredients that the devices contain can take effect. The body cleansing action can immediately be discerned after the removal of the footpads. Examine more closely this mechanics of action of the natural ingredients on our feet through the link below.

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