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Are Detox Pad Solutions to Good Health?

Human life expectancy has considerably improved throughout generations. Today the current average lifespan has been estimated at more than 67 years, a considerable leap from the 30-45 level during the early 20th century. Various improvements and advances in medicine and health practices, ranging from wonder drugs to detox pad solutions, are oftentimes cited as among the reasons why our life expectancy has tremendously risen over the millennium. There are many modern medical approaches and health alternatives now available to help prolong human lifespan. Likewise, people are now better educated on the various ways by which to maintain a healthy regimen. There is no doubt that sustained efforts to seek alternative modes on medical and health solutions will continue to have a positive impact on the lifespan of humans in the future.

Admittedly, there is much debate on health approaches such as detox pad solutions to cleanse our body of toxins. In traditional medical practice, such methods are dismissed as ineffective and have nothing to do with the improved human lifespan experienced in the previous years. Nonetheless, it won` be easy to simply disregard body cleansing approaches as these too have been very much part of the historical evolution of health practices. In Japan, for instance, where life expectancy is among the world`s highest, detoxification of the body has been practiced over the past centuries. Soaking in mineral waters of hot springs regularly is one way by which many Japanese were believed to have lives longer than other nationalities. Popular in Japan up to these days is a practice called ashiyu, a foot spa that supposedly cleanses the body through the simple immersion of the feet in a water and salt solution.

Foot detox pad approaches to body cleansing can therefore be described as an offshoot of the ashiyu practice in Japan. These foot patches, however, are more than water and salt combination for body detox. What these pads contain are some natural ingredients that are believed to have the properties to draw out the harmful substances that our bodies accumulate from the food we eat and from the many elements to which we are exposed to every day. The ingredients contained in Japanese foot detox formulas include some antioxidants that have lately been recognized as life-prolonging agents potent against serious and life-threatening illnesses. Widely known herbal cures like tourmaline, wood and bamboo vinegar are likewise found in these detoxification patches which have also gained acceptance not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries as well.

The association of foot detox pad formulations with life expectancy and good health is likewise based on the Oriental practice of acupressure, reflexology, and acupuncture. All three are rooted in Japanese and Chinese cultures for hundreds of years, and are now gaining adherents in Western medicine and health-related enterprises. One body cleansing product, Suresafe Detox Foot Patches, has taken this approach and has developed an online resource to make the health solution conveniently available to consumers. A link is provided below for a closer look on the merits of this detoxification method.

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