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Detox Foot Patches

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Detox Foot Patches from East to West

Our feet aren`t only made for walking. If some principles of folk medicine is to be believed, our foot has more than locomotion as its primary function. It is also the epicenter for some health or healing methods or techniques that originated from Eastern medical practices that manifest today in detox foot patches, among other body cleansing approaches. Japanese and Chinese traditional doctors were the first to recognize the value of the feet in bringing about general health and well being. These practitioners of Eastern folk medicine provided great attention to the feet in their healing methods like acupressure and reflexology. Their main rationale is that the foot harbors the most number of pores and pressure points compared to other parts of our body. It is said, for instance, that there are some 2000 pores in each of our feet that are potent avenues for body cleansing.

Needless to say, detox foot patches and other feet-based healing techniques have been met with skepticism, particularly among Westerners. Eastern cultures are certainly more open to such medical approaches of acupressure, reflexology, and acupuncture, as these are products of their own civilizations which date back to thousands of years of development. The practice of Western medicine is by and large based on scientific evidence and knowledge. Nevertheless, this Western foundation has been changing with the concept of alternative medicine fast gaining acceptance among medical practitioners in the West. As a matter of fact, there are now many commercial health products and techniques which have found success in Western markets even as they incorporate some of the wisdom purveyed in alternative Eastern medicine.

Detox foot patches count among the products that are gaining popularity because of the growing recognition on the validity of some Eastern medical approaches. Many have also come to appreciate their healing and cleansing value because of the rising consumer consciousness on the many perils behind synthetic-based health solutions and techniques. There is now a rising tide of perception that products based on natural ingredients work better and are more effective than those that are produced out of synthetic materials. Corollary to this, there is a widening belief that chemical pollutants are contributing much to the toxins which accumulate in our bodies as a result of the current modern lifestyles. This situation, many are inclined to believe, begs for a natural solution or approach.

The emergence of detox foot patches as popular body cleansing agents, hence largely resulted from the natural botanicals which supposedly bring detoxification benefits. Among these natural ingredients are vegetable fiber, vinegar from bamboo and wood, and chitosan. What these foot pad ingredients supposedly do is draw toxic substances from the sweat of the soles of the feet which host the acupressure and reflexology points promoting the body cleansing function of our liver. The patches are worn nightly, and even just a whole evening with the pad worn is said to already provide benefits. For the best effect, a therapy of about three weeks is recommended by the manufacturers of these patches. More information can be had through the link of Suresafe Foot Detox Parches below this page.

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