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Detox Foot Pad

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Why Detox Foot Pad Sells

To the uninitiated, a detox foot pad may sound like an automotive device associated with the gear shift or accelerator pedals of cars. Actually, however, this contraption has nothing to do with automobiles, although car drivers will find the device very useful considering the pollutants that they are exposed to every day. Gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, are one of the by-products of internal combustion engines which power almost all cars and automobiles. The pollution that is brought about by such emissions is one of the serious problems that people have to deal with daily in almost any part of big towns modern and cities. This is the situation where the foot pads play their role: cleansing the body of toxic elements that people ingest from pollutants and from food intake.

The origins of the detox foot pad is often traced .to the foot spa which was developed in Japan 1,600 years ago as a healing method for monks and sickly people on a pilgrimage. To the Japanese, this cleansing method is called ashiyu, a body detoxification technique wherein the feet is soaked in a hot spring emanating from the bowels of the earth. Once the feet are warmed, the warmth is spread throughout the entire body and a cleansing effect is supposedly achieved. Usually, this procedure is undertaken in the evenings before bedtime for its expected healing effect to be felt in the morning. It is on this same principle that foot detox methods have been developed recently as an approach in body cleansing.

The curative power that is said to be brought by a detox foot pad also forms one of the selling points for an ionic foot bath. In this body cleansing approach, the feet are soaked for 30 minutes in a salt and water solution in a container which emits an electrical current of very low voltage. According to the manufacturers of the foot spa devices, the toxins in the body are negatively charged and are drawn out by the positively charged ions produced by the foot bath. The makers of these contraptions likewise claim that the benefits achieved go beyond body detoxification or cleansing. They say that having a regular foot spa treatment will moreover contribute to stress relief, health revitalization, and fatigue treatment. Despite these claimed benefits, some skepticism exists on the efficacy of foot baths as there is no hard scientific evidence available to prove that such detoxification approach is really helpful.

Be that as it may, detox foot pad solutions continue to be sold in the market today along with the foot spa devices. The pads are simpler and more convenient to employ compared the foot spa approach. These detox pads are simply attached to the soles of the feet while sleeping and their supposed curative effect will be felt in the morning. It is perhaps for this reason that consumers prefer to use foot patches rather than the foot spa despite the absence of any substantive evidence as to the efficacy of both body cleansing approaches. Click on the link below to learn more why foot detox persists as a market bestseller.

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