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Detox Feet Pads

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Detox Feet Pads as Alternatives for Healing

The use of detox feet pads is among the health trends involving body cleansing that are getting much hype recently. These body cleansing devices have drawn significant attention among consumers because of claims that these pads provide a cure-all to many pains and aches that people suffer. As a panacea, it is also said that these devices can improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and provide therapeutic solutions to sleeplessness, body stress, and undue fatigue. Regular use of these detox fads likewise purportedly bring energy and overall health improvement. If all these claims are true, consumers now have easy access to a body detoxification approach that is convenient, safe, and effective. Many of these detox feet pads are sold online and can be procured even without a doctor`s prescription.

Essentially, these body cleansing products are marketed as alternative health solutions. They have been developed under the premise that our body is constantly accumulating toxins from the food we eat, the medications we take, and the chemical pollutants in the environment. The advocates for these detox solutions say that our body`s natural detoxification mechanisms and waste disposal system, in the long run, cannot effectively tackle all the harmful elements penetrating our body`s defensive mechanism. Eventually, the accumulated toxins will manifest themselves in some health disorders. To prevent this from happening, a proactive body cleansing process has to be instituted in order to maintain our good health and well-being. Detox feet pads, so the theory goes, offer the best option.

There`s no rocket science involved in these body cleansing solutions. Before sleeping, the pads are merely attached to the soles of the feet where adhesives keep the detox devices in place. These patches are worn during sleep, supposedly allowing their natural ingredients to draw out the body toxins. While the pads can also be used in other parts of the body, there is a specific reason why the application is specifically geared toward the feet. The patches purportedly harness the ancient healing principles of acupressure, reflexology, and acupuncture. These healing disciplines originated from China and are widely in Asia and other parts of the world as well. They belong to the armamentarium of alternative medicine which is now generating some acceptance in mainstream medical practice.

Detox pads are supposed to work through their body cleansing action on the meridian points which abound in our feet as per the principles behind reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture. Some herbal ingredients believed to be potent in body cleansing act upon these healing points. Contained in these foot pads are such natural components as bamboo and wood vinegar, tourmaline, and certain vitamins. The ingredients contained in detox feet pads can provide some indications on how their action on the meridian points supposedly deliver health benefits. Each foot pad ingredient purportedly brings a specific contribution to the detoxification process. To determine if these detox patches are really effective as alternative health solutions, it is therefore of great value to learn the how each of these ingredients work. Follow the link below for more info on detox feet pads` ingredients.

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