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Detox Cleanse

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Detox cleanse procedures from East to West

As living organisms, we are exposed hundreds of synthetic and natural chemicals daily, a situation that created the demand for detox cleanse procedures or products. But do not think for a moment that the need to rid our body of toxins has resulted only from the various pollutants that contaminate the modern world of today. The fact is even during the ancient times in Greece and Egypt, there`s this theory of autointoxication wherein the human body has to be cleansed regularly. Food consumption, so this theory says, produces toxins harmful to the body, elements that have to be flushed out in order to maintain health and wealth being. In general, modern traditional medicine scoffs at this theory, the main argument being that our body`s various systems have been properly equipped by nature to flush out all wastes.

Nevertheless, detox cleanse approaches have continued to rear its influence on the ways by which the general populace seek some therapeutic remedies on various ailments. Despite the advances in modern medicine, many still believe on the validity of autointoxication and the ways of dealing with it which are totally unorthodox to the science of biochemistry and microbiology. While it is true that there is no hard scientific evidence to support the claimed benefits of body cleansing, detox products and therapeutic practices persist among the alternatives to provide a remedy to some pains, aches, or common ailments. This persistence, to some extent, can be traced to the resurgence in the growth in the number of believers in alternative medicine which espouse natural cures such as herbal or plant-based therapies.

Hence, there are many detox cleanse products and procedures which are centered on the use of plants and herbs. Complementing such natural ingredients are other alternative therapies which have a long history of usage in Eastern cultures, such as those in India, China, and Japan. The approaches can both have physical and spiritual undertones, involving a wide range of procedures encompassing the use of enemas and practices based on fasting. In particular, fasts as a detoxification mode is part and parcel of traditional Chinese medicine which is gaining many adherents even in Western cultures. Equally widespread as a physical approach to body cleansing is the use of enemas to directly remove the toxins that purportedly accumulate inside the body. Truly, there will be no lack therapies to choose from nowadays when it comes to body detoxification. What appears to be happening is some potent convergence in traditional Eastern and Western detox therapies.

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