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Body Pure Detox Pads

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Body Pure Detox Pads and Alternative Patches

Japan sure has contributed a lot to modern culture and civilization . In the culinary arts, Japanese kitchen delights that have captivated gourmets all over the world include such offerings as ramen and sushi. Alternative medicine has also received some profound influence from Japan, manifesting in such commercial products as Body Pure detox pads that was developed after many years of research in that country. Three complementary healing disciplines which are traditional to Japan as well as China form the foundation of the these body cleansing pads` mechanics of action. These three are acupressure, acupuncture, and reflexology wherein certain points of the body, primarily those on the hands and feet, are manipulated to bring about wellness and health. These same principles are also said to be at work in the Japanese ashiyu or foot spa, another popular body cleansing method.

Body Pure detox pads and foot spas, therefore, have essential similarities in the body cleansing that both techniques promise to bring. These two methods supposedly bring detoxification benefits by ridding the body of accumulated toxins through remedies applied outside of the body. The ashiyu method is reputed to deliver results by immersing the feet in a water and salt solution that mimic the rejuvenating effects of bathing in hot springs. On the other hand, the detox pads were designed to absorb the toxins via the pressure points located at the soles of our feet. Surely, the best time to apply these foot patches is prior to sleeping and wearing them overnight to achieve the expected detox benefits.

One major advantage of Body Pure detox pads, therefore, is convenience. These patches are applied in an evening`s sleep, requiring no time-consuming external treatment such as that in a foot spa or other body-cleansing technique. It`s no wonder then that these foot pads have emerged as the top-selling product of its kind in Japan where the people`s lifestyle can be as hectic as those living in other Asian and Western metropolitan centers. Moreover, the users of these foot patches have given credence to reports of the many benefits that could be derived from this detox technique. Among the positive results reported by those who used these detox pads include improved circulation and metabolism, body rejuvenation, stronger immune system, and enhanced quality of sleep. The patches, in addition, are likewise said to be potent agents for the prevention of premature aging.

The growth in the popularity of Body Pure detox pads has led to the development of similar products in the market, providing consumers with a wide range of products to choose from. These alternative foot-patch choices also contain the potent natural ingredients which act as body cleansing agents. Among these ingredients is bamboo vinegar which undergoes a meticulous extraction process for sharper potency in body detoxification. There is also tourmaline in these detox patches to enable a cleansing and stabilizing effect on the nervous system. Citronella is another mind-clearing ingredient likewise commonly used in aromatherapy for its anti-bacterial properties. For more readings about foot patch ingredients, click on the link below this page.

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