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Body Detox

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Body Detox`s Healthy Promise

Pains and aches are certainly common in day-to-day living, more so when a person grows older. For this reason, civilizations throughout the ages have devised methods to address common maladies that were supposedly brought about by toxins accumulating inside our bodies. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians, for example, have come up with some early body detox or cleansing methods to flush out the toxins that accumulate inside the body as a result of food intake. This early thoughts that food can bring about toxins as it putrefies inside the body has gained some support in microbiology and biochemistry during the 19th century. After falling to some disfavor in the early 20th century, body cleansing methods have re-emerged with the growth in popularity of alternative medicine.

At present, several body detox methods are vying for public attention. One popular approach is through a person`s diet which calls for special meal plans that their proponents claim has detoxification effects. Despite many beneficial claims advanced on this method, there are numerous counter-claims from the health community. At best, these diets are said to be harmless approaches delivering no benefits at all, and at worst, could result in some nutritional deficiencies. One of the main contentions of those who see certain disadvantages in body cleansing diets is that in some approaches, intake of nutritional foods are avoided thus resulting in deficiency of nutrients that our body needs. Another area of concern is the safety of the dietary supplements that are provided for some cleansing programs.

Controversy also surrounds body detox approaches that are physical in nature, one of which is colon cleansing. This procedure consists of several alternative medical therapies aimed at removing toxins and feces from the intestinal tract and the color or the large intestine. These therapies are known as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, often involving the use of an enema kit. Herbs or other liquid preparations supposedly potent at body cleansing are used in the enemas which can be a discomforting procedure for most people. The cause of such uncomfortable experience is quite obvious as water or liquid solution is injected to the colon by using the tube of the enema kit. Clearly, this is an invasive approach that may totally be unacceptable to a great number of people. Besides, there is strong argument against this physical body cleansing procedure. Scientific evidence has yet to be established if such methods really work.

One body detox that is physical and nature and yet not as invasive as the enemas is using foot detox patches. The cleansing process supposedly works by wearing the patches during sleeping hours and removing them thereafter. The principles behind this foot pads were derived from Chinese acupressure and reflexology practices that have been in existence for thousands of years. Contained in these patches is a cocktail of natural ingredients which are believed to be potent in ridding the body of toxins that bring about aches and pains, as well as other health problems. Click on the link below for further information about the benefits promised by this body detox approach.

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