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Best Body Detox

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Best Body Detox from Head to Foot

Invariably, those who believe in the merits of body cleansing would want the best body detox products or procedures. It won`t be difficult to be taken by this point of view on body detoxification. Everywhere, there is a strong evidence of the growing presence of contaminants in the food we eat and the air we breathe. A great portion of the fruits and vegetables that are produced today are grown in commercial agricultural farms which rely on inputs of chemical and fertilizers for market viability. The same goes for the modern ranches and poultry farms from which we draw the meat products that go into our diet. Growth hormones and synthetic feeds are common inputs at these food producing facilities, in addition to the preservatives that are utilized to prolong the shelf life of meat products or improve their flavor.

The choice for the best body detox approach can of course only be made by knowing the different therapies, products, or techniques that are available. A common approach is following some detox diets that supposedly deliver body cleansing effects. What these dietary plans usually entail is a food intake of fruits, vegetables, and water, in quantities or types that bring about detoxification. Some restrictions in the kind of food in a diet likewise constitute some body cleansing procedures, while other diet-based detox approaches prescribe the use of some food supplements, plants, and herbs. There are also physical treatments such as colon cleansing that may also incorporate the use of certain natural ingredients.

To the believers of Oriental healing methods, the best body detox therapy would be a cleansing treatment that is founded on the principles of reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture. All three healing modes have solid foundations in ancient medicine of China and Japan and are now increasingly being embraced as well in mainstream medical practice. As applied to body cleansing, these Eastern healing disciplines supposedly harness the points of the feet as a center in promoting wellness and health. If physical evidence is to be believed, our feet indeed can be a potent body area for cleansing. The soles of feet is said to contain two thousand pores which are vital venues from which to expel the toxins that accumulate within our body.

The best body detox results can therefore be delivered by foot pads which are attached to the feet as a body cleansing procedure. This technique was first adopted in Japan and is now widespread in Asian markets. Rising consumer acceptance on these products has likewise been noted in the U.S. and European markets. By Western standards, these foot patches come as a convenient solution suitable to the fast-paced consumer lifestyle of industrialized nations. The foot pads can be applied at night or worn during work, thus providing for the best option suitable to one`s schedule or preference in application. Being based on the principles of reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture, the foot pads can also be administered in other body areas, such as knee, wrist, shoulder, groin, and ankle, which too have potent zones which bring about detoxification.

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